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Trusted Private Money Lender in Granada, CA

We come to your property in California with loan  docs and help you with all aspects of the loan.

Loan Fund


Improve your property or start a business with a home equity loan from our private mortgage lenders. We have a variety of nontraditional loan options available to help you with your financial needs.

Broker Program


Earn money by working with your client. Available for licensed real estate brokers, we have a Wholesale Broker Program to earn you money, while saving money for your clients.

Our Private Money Lenders are at Your Service

Fast and effective solutions for your hard money requirements from private mortgage lenders.

Where to borrow money from can be a tough decision — getting the loan approved, furnishing security, documentation, and so on can take a great deal of time. And who can you trust for something like this? You are likely to be entrusting some of your dearest assets as surety into the care of a lender; you want to be sure that you make the right choice from among the many mortgage lending services. The good news is that you have reached us; known to be among the top, most trusted private money lenders in the state.

A Wide Range of Financial Products to Choose From

We offer equity loans, bridge loans, construction loans, and practically all types of real estate loans; whether you're looking to acquire residential space or commercial property. One of the reasons for our enviable reputation is the fact that we build lasting and mutually beneficial relationships with our clients; relationships they can count on. Whether you need refinancing for an existing loan, a hard money loan, or funding for a traditional or nontraditional mortgage, we can customize lending solutions that work best for you at some of the lowest rates possible.

Why Our Services as Private Money Lenders Recommend Themselves

Our team consists of highly competent and widely experienced veterans from the world of real estate finance. Our mortgage brokers specialize in real estate loans as well as private lending. Over time, we have developed a highly streamlined, quick, and efficient disbursal method that works for people in a hurry and also helps cut down on the documentation and other processes.

In most cases, our representative may be able to visit your location to facilitate the entire process quickly and painlessly. The credit worthiness of our clients is not necessarily a stumbling block or otherwise; we make our assessments based on the intrinsic value of the real estate you're looking to acquire.

Learn more about private money lenders. Call 818-266-8848, or use the contact form below today!

Knowledgeable Private Mortgage Lenders in Granada Hills, CA

If you need money, it is probably safe to assume that you need it as soon as possible. Turn to Private Money Lenders for a variety of financial options based on your specific needs. When you come to us, you receive assistance from a team of experienced and knowledgeable private mortgage lenders in Granada Hills, CA. We try to make the lending process stress-free, and we deliver complete assistance to ensure your satisfaction.

The Mortgage Lending Services You Need

Your dream home or that piece of commercial property in the ideal location will not pay for itself. You need the proper funding to cover the asking price of the seller. If you do not have access to thousands of dollars, you have to borrow the funds. We offer customers like you who need mortgage lending services access to money that will cover the cost of the properties you want.

If you already own real estate, our hard money loans may be the right choice for your financial needs. You can use your existing real estate or a building that you want to purchase as collateral. These short-term loans are based on the property in question's value rather than your credit standing.

Subprime Mortgages That Suit Your Credit Standing

Do you have less than perfect credit? If so, we may still be able to provide you with a mortgage loan. Our company offers subprime mortgages to borrowers who may be trying to rebound and rebuild their credit in the wake of a divorce, medical bills, or job loss. We offer the most competitive rates possible for these types of loans.

At any time, life throws us a curveball that may result in unexpected costs. Sometimes the costs are expected if you have planned a trip or want to expand your business. While we excel at providing financing for people who want to buy houses, we offer more than just home loans.

Available options include equity loans, bridge loans, construction loans, along with practically all types of real estate loans. Our goal is to be the only company you approach about the type of loan you need.

Contact us when you need financial assistance from the area's premier private mortgage lenders. We serve clients in Granada Hills, CA, and surrounding areas.

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